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Word Salad and Art Chips
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Saturday, December 29th, 2007
10:27 am
Final Deadline: Jan 1st!

If I am still waiting on stuff from you for this next issue, I seriously need it by the 1st January! That's next Tuesday!
Wednesday, October 10th, 2007
2:55 pm
Cos a number of York Uni email accounts have been deleted...
I'll repeat the WSAAC email on here:

"Right right, Word Salad's 7th issue is being printed (as I type, hopefully),
and should with much prayer be ready for Freshers' Fair this Saturday. *does
a little dance* If you've submitted something, you'll be receiving a .pdf
copy sometime after Saturday. If you want to buy a shiny hardcopy of issue
7, they'll be available at Freshers' Fair, either individually, or as part
of this year's subscription.

About said Fair; our stall is number 3 in the Roger Kirk centre. The Fair is
on from 10am to 4pm, but I'll be there setting up from 9am. Anybody who can
help man the stall during the day will be greatly appreciated! Oh yeah,
there will be back-issues on sale as well as the new one, and possibly some
free sweets!

I could also use some people to help me with a campus publicity campaign
tomorrow. I'm leaving slips encouraging submissions in the computer rooms,
and blu-tacking flyers to doors. If you're available and so inclined, meet
up in the library foyer at 2pm tomorrow (Thursday 11th).

This will probably be the last email I send using this mailing list, so if
you want to carry on getting emails from Word Salad, either come sign up at
Freshers' Fair, or send me an email saying so!"

Current Mood: perky
Tuesday, October 9th, 2007
12:02 pm
Still panicking
EDIT: Panic on hold! Printers say they will be able to do the mags by Friday!


I haven't heard anything from the printers yet.

I want to hear from them so I know they got the file, and they are going to print it, and the magazines are going to be ready on Friday.

All this I need to know to stop me panicking!


Current Mood: waily waily
Thursday, September 20th, 2007
10:30 pm
half-empty - optimist my ass!
Quite a number of York Uni email addresses on the WSAAC mailing list are no longer working, so I'm posting a summary of the latest email on here in the hopes of reaching some of those people:

The deadline came. And went. And we still have only 15 of our 30 pages

Please send in more submissions! Please encourage / pester / blackmail those
you know into submitting!

That is all, though it was also pointed out that I may be reduced to begging if we don't get more submissions!

Current Mood: panicky
Tuesday, September 18th, 2007
9:51 pm
Freshers' Issue update
Not good news. Deadline has gone past, and we have approximately 12 pages filled, including 2 pages reserved for WTF? that Ro's working on.

We are in desperate need of everthing.

I know we usually do some kind of guide to York for the freshers' issue, and I thought of doing a list of 'things I wish I'd known about York uni before I arrived', because it seemed an easy way of mixing useful and humourous. If anybody has other suggestions, please suggest them.

Anyway, I have so far come up with these items for the list:

- The way to Sainsbury's + description of route, eg: leave campus via the lane that leads to The Retreat (name?), continue down Heslington Road, past the Spar, turn right at the crossroads, keep to the pavement furthest from the city walls, keep walking past one junction (this is Walmgate Bar), keep walking past Staples and Halfords until you reach a huge junction. As you stand, with Halfords on your right, the driveway entrance to Sainsbury's is straight ahead. You need to cross two roads to reach it.

- The way to Asda (+ description of route, eg: leave campus via the path over Walmgate Stray (behind biology), follow the path through the army barracks unitl you reach a main road. Turn left, keep walking, and Asda (along with Iceland) is on the opposite side of the road.

- Which bus goes to Monk's Cross shopping area (I don't know, can somebody tell me?)

- That the larger quantity of something you have, the more likely it is to be pinched, borrowed or 'used in error' by your housemates.

- Not to feed the birds. Seriously. They have long memories. 

- That your York Uni student card will get you free entry to the Castle Museum, but not Clifford's Tower.

I really need some more things to put on it. Help!
Thursday, July 19th, 2007
3:19 pm
Word Salad issue 7 deadline
Right, I have been thinking, and then rethinking, and then procrastinating a bit, but now I've worked it out:

Deadline for submissions for the upcoming issue: SUNDAY 16TH SEPTEMBER

That should give me time to get committee members to check and approve stuff, plus format it all, plus get draft copies and final copies from the printers before Freshers' Fair.

The address, as always, is ws.submissions@gmail.com

Two more things:
- Don't ask if we need more submissions - WE DO!
- The competition this issue is acronyms, so be sure to enter that too!

Current Mood: decided
Thursday, June 28th, 2007
11:01 am
Nat - need help!
I need to claim money back for a display stand (£6.50) and a print run (£83), but I'm not sure what has to be claimed from our own funds and what has to be claimed from our grant. I know that for next year we can only claim print runs from the grant, but I don't know how last year's budget was distributed!

Also, I've sent the bookmark/flyers for freshers' fair to your uni email account, so if you have a chance to print some off I'd really appreciate it!

Current Mood: confuzzled
Wednesday, June 20th, 2007
12:48 pm
The elusive proof copy - HAS ARRIVED!
The printers sent the proof copy with last Friday's evening mail. It still hasn't turned up in Goodricke mail room, I know, I've checked everywhere. What has arrived is an email from the printers asking whether I've received it, implying that it really should have appeared by now. Ergo, the proof copy is lost.

I am going to request that another proof copy be sent to a proper mail address, preferably 5 Vanbrugh Drive, as nobody living there will be moving anytime soon. Please could you, Tom/Jess/Toph tell me your postcode?

I'm running out of time. I don't dare just say go ahead and print the damn magazine because it's my first one; I have no idea at all if the pages are even in the right places.

EDIT: It was in the fucking James college pigeon holes. Thank you very much to Hannah for finding it.
Friday, June 8th, 2007
2:45 pm
Vote Now!
How many copies do we need of this issue?

I think we got 35 last time.

Also, somebody needs to tell me how I pay for them!

Actually, I need to be told a whole load of stuff, but nevermind.
Friday, May 25th, 2007
11:40 am
Branching out?
Question: does Word Salad want critical and/or review pieces?

Someone sent me an email asking this, and also wanting to get involved with the magazine - I may advise them to come find us at Freshers' Fair since the mag's mostly done now and I don't know how many more meetings we'll be having.
Thursday, May 10th, 2007
12:20 am
Purchasing back-copies
If someone wants to buy past issues of the magazine, or the coming one when it's published, what do I do? I understand the whole internal mail thing, but what about the money?
Sunday, April 22nd, 2007
7:39 pm
art for the mag

I have asked the artist who did this if we can use it to illustrate WTF? this issue, as I'm going to make it Dr Who themed, and I can't resist mentioning the fact that Doctor Who is another Doctor who is a ninja, and this would work so perfectly: http://community.livejournal.com/500year_diary/171219.html#cutid1
Sunday, March 11th, 2007
2:24 pm
Room Bookings.
I don't understand the rooms booking form, on the York Uni site. Help!
Sunday, February 4th, 2007
1:22 pm
We need elections this term.

Any ideas when?
Monday, January 29th, 2007
10:53 am
York's First Literary Festival
Hi, everyone, I've just had an email from Rose at The Spoken Word (which some of you have probably had too) about the Literary Festival on 3rd March.

Exerpt from the email from Anne Mortimer at York City CouncilCollapse )

The Spoken Word will be having a table and it'd be nice to go support them. I wonder whether it migth also be nice to take a few magazines along and promote Word Salad?

I don't have the time to mastermind this myself, btw, but I can help out if anyone else wants to .

Current Mood: cheerful
Thursday, January 11th, 2007
9:12 am
Wednesday, January 10th, 2007
9:22 pm
So I was supposed to be working, but ho hum, I got mag stuff done instead. I've taken the flower picture from the recent submissions for teh inside back cover. I hope people don't mind, but I've used a picture of my own (that I'll upload so you can vet in a bit) for the other inside cover. It's all in indesign and A5 sized with plenty of border. All it needs now is a few tag lines.

I've also written a WTF? article. I don't think it's as funny as some of teh previous ones, but at least we have something. I've copied and pasted it below:

WTF?Collapse )

there's lots of lovely links there for you too to fill up space with. I'm also going to see if I can persuade Caro out of her lovely cute and silly cat pictures.
Friday, January 5th, 2007
1:58 pm
Magazine update!

Okay, so thus far we have 25 pages left to fill.

Scary. Even taking into account 2 pages for the competition (including next term's) and 5 for the various articles I've been promised, that's still 18.

We also desperately need an illustration for Sacrifice (inspired by Sonia in Crime and Punishment) and preferably for A Moment in Time (describes a break up). If anyone's interested, let me know and I'll email you the stories.

I'd like to have this mag out within the first few weeks of term. I'd like there to be something in it, too. Submissions please!
Wednesday, November 15th, 2006
9:16 am
Because I am a silly idiot, I put 7:30 on the email instead of 7. This is a lie. Meeting tonight is at 7PM, D130. I'll be bringing some submissions along to look at.

Oh, and just a passing idea: how about, for the summer term competition, we do a poster competition? Design an A3 sized poster for Fresher's Fayre. It occurred to me because I'm encouraging people to make 'submit' posters. I'm still a little limited here. If ultharkitty still has the file for the little submit flyers, that'd be really useful, since it looks like we need to do another round in most of the loos.
Tuesday, November 7th, 2006
1:15 pm
I have just sent emails to five different printing companies in york asking for quotations for the mag. I have the phone numbers for two more who don't have emails, but I'm going to wait til I get replies from the others (mostly on the basis I don't like calling people).

The companies I've emailed are: Metroprint, Wallis Business Services, Fulprint, JW Bullivant & Son and Print Solutions. The two I might phone are York Publishing Services and WoodRichardson. If you can think of any reasons why any of these companies might be better or worse than the other, let me know. If you know of any other companies worth contacting, again, let me know.

In other news: I hate gmail. The auto-save and auto-refresh functions slow down my already slow laptop, so that every email takes twice as long as it might in yahoo. I should have done this from campus ^_^

Quotes so far!
Print Solutions: £69.50
Metrorpint: £95
Fulprint: £105
Bulliprint: Closing down!

Current Mood: accomplished
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